Music Monday – Vivaciously Varietal Vibes!

Hey Milieu Pals,
Instead of doing away with obligatory weekly posts, like those of Tabloid Tuesday’s and Freak-o-logy Friday’s, I have just created Music Monday’s. There is something oddly magnetic about reporting arguably newsworthy information.
However, the problem with this kind of reporting is that it places the ‘blogger’ in somewhat of a never ending loop, which ultimately forces the blogger to blog, even if they do not wish to do so. Furthermore, the blogger is required to painstakingly search for information relevant to the ‘obligatory weekly post’, information which is often freely and widely available.
As a result, Music Monday’s will not be formulated in the fashion of Tabloid Tuesday’s or Freak-o-logy Friday’s, rather Music Monday’s will be used to inform Milieu Pals of what ‘yours truly’ is currently ‘listening to’ and that the Milieu Radio (located at the top right of Hans’ Milieu’s home page) has been updated accordingly. This is not to say that habitual weekly/monthly posts will not occur. I am merely suggesting that those kinds of posts will contain more personal over- and undertones!
Okay Milieu Pals, it is now time for the first edition of Music Monday!
Music Monday – 
  • This weeks flavour: electronica and dance
  • Artist: Axwell
  • Album: Ministry of Sound The Annual 2008 (Disc 2)
  • Song: I Found You (Vocal Remode)
  • Rationale: I find this song absolutely hypnotising, particularly the electronic "too-lu-lu-loot" . Honestly, I would have loved the song even more without the vocals. I continuously listened to this song throughout the past Christmas season (to the bane of my cousins Dillon and Jean-Michel, LOL!).

That is it for this week’s Music Monday Milieu Pals and I hope you enjoy this Vivaciously Varietal Vibe!

– Hans

2 thoughts on “Music Monday – Vivaciously Varietal Vibes!

  • Hey there!
    See, I do actually read your blog (well, not very often – and I’m also bored at work.  But still, I do read it!)  Anyways, just wanted to say that I love the new look.  Have to be honest though – because the server at work is pretty slow it took a while for the page to load – so when I saw the background pic of the power cables I thought you were gonna give us a well written piece-of-your-mind-what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-them blog entry about Eishkom… much to my utter disappointment!
    Maybe in a future entry perhaps?  That’s to say if you have electricity!  LOL!
    Cher J

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