Music Monday – Vivaciously Varietal Vibes!

Hey Milieu Pals,

Although today is only Monday, I did in fact load the Vivaciously Varietal Vibe yesterday afternoon in preparation for today’s post. Thank goodness for this stroke of instinctive forethought because Telskum Helkom Telkom, cut our Internet connection yesterday afternoon. Apparently we have reached our ‘three gigabyte cap’ as well as the ‘average usage threshold’. Why Telkom choose to continue to limit South African Internet facilities is beyond the limits of consumer thought, reason and complaint. Regardless, a new song has been uploaded hence another edition of Music Monday can commence.

Music Monday –

  • This weeks flavour: Pop/Rock
  • Artist: Zazie
  • Album: Totem
  • Song: Ca
  • Rationale: This song is hauntingly beautiful. Not only is the song audibly encompassing but the words are emotionally embracing. The song is essentially about the strength of love and how even though the person is ‘gone’ his/her love remains in the memories of his/her touch, voice, skin, eyes and hands, never to be forgotten *sniff sniff*!


Just short of last weeks Music Monday post, I officially received my very own ‘black’ Microsoft Zune 80 – intimately known as "Hans’ Zune" or, when searched for and viewed by other Zune users, "Snah85".

I have been anticipating the arrival of this device since it was announced and even more so after having pre-ordered it in early November of last year. However, after a frustratingly agonising wait, partly due to stock shortages, my Zune finally arrived! At 09:15am on Tuesday 22nd January 2008 my Zune was, at long last, delivered into my grubby little paws!


Along with my Zune 80 I ordered the Zune Home A/V pack and the Zune Car pack. The Zune Home A/V pack consists of a docking station, infra-red remote control as well as composite audio and video cables – the Zune 80 has respectable television-out functionality. The Zune Car pack contains a rubber Zune mat and a single FM transmitting unit, which plugs into a cars cigarette lighter, and is connected to a small Zune-like unit with a backlit LED screen which has two FM station preset buttons. Like the Zune, the little unit has a brushed aluminium underside and high quality scratch resistant matt plastic front. Surprisingly, the LED unit can magnetically attach itself to the power module! Oh yeah, the sound quality is excellent too (heh heh heh)!


My Microsoft Zune 80 is ‘black’ in colour (this was the only colour available to order at the time) and has an 80 Gigabyte storage capacity. The Zune itself has a scratch resistant LCD glass screen which, even in direct sunlight, looks beautiful with pristine clarity and fantastic colour reproduction. The front of the device appears to be made of a high quality molded matt plastic, while the rear of the device is made of a brushed aluminium. Amazingly, this allows the entire device (sans the screen) to be smudge and fingerprint resistant – an indescribably welcome change when compared to my 5th Gen. 60GB iPod which is practically unrecognisable under its scarred surface.


The Zune’s ‘Squircle’, touch pad, is really a pleasure to use. Simply ‘flick’ or ‘caress’ the pad, in any motion, and enjoy the fluidity of the menu system. Not only is it touch sensitive but it also offers conventional tactile feedback by means of a five-way directional D-pad (you can press the left, right, up, down and centre of the ‘Squircle’ to navigate through the Zune’s menu’s if you so prefer, with or without touch sensitivity activated). Furthermore, the Zune has two additional buttons to the left and right of the ‘Squircle’ which function as ‘back’ and ‘play/pause’ buttons respectively. The earphone jack is on the top right of the player with a ‘lock’ switch on the top left of the player. However, the best feature of the Zune would have to be its wireless capabilities.


Not only can Zune users share songs (only songs are DRM protected to ‘3’ plays, during sharing, before automatic deletion), pictures, videos or podcasts wirelessly with one another, also enjoying a full wireless profile for other users to view, but they can also allow their Zune’s to wirelessly ‘sync’ with their computers. This is possible if you have a wireless home network. The best part about this process, however, would have to be how easy it is to set up and use. All one needs to do is go to the wireless settings in the Zune software and activate wireless syncing, the software automatically configures your Zune for the network. Furthermore, one can manually initiate a wireless sync in the Zune’s wireless settings or simply plug the Zune into a power source for automatic wireless syncing.


Well Milieu Pals, since it is Music Monday I thought it would be appropriate to talk about my newest music and multimedia device, which I am thoroughly enjoying. As a result I do hope you  were fond of this short introduction into Microsofts Zune multimedia player. In next weeks post I will continue to elaborate on the Zune, particularly because we have ordered a Red Zune 8GB for my mom. In addition to more Zune coverage I will offer an overview of Shure’s SE530 PTH earphones – yeah, I know… hectic!

Until then Milieu Pals!

– Hans 

(PS: I am using my phone and Vodacom’s dodgy and often unreliable Internet facilities to post to Hans’ Milieu)
(PPS: Windows Live Writer is fantastic! It is because of this free program that I am able to write and edit my posts without having to be connected to the Internet, thus saving on bandwidth usage/costs)

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