Where has the time gone…

Hey Milieu Pals,

Good grief… it sure has been a long time since I last updated my blog. Almost four months in fact. Man… how ridiculous is that. Over 110 days, 17 weeks, 3 lunar cycles… almost a third of the year!

Okay, there have been a multitude of reasons as to why Hans’ Milieu has not been updated, in no part thanks to Helkom Telkom and Eskum Eskom. However, let us just put the past in its rightful place on the shelf next to forgotten and focus on the pre-emptive future of this blog. That sound good? Great (I love rhetorical questions, heh heh heh)!

The number ‘5‘. For those who do not know, this is my favourite number. Why? Simply put, because I was born on the 5th June 1985 – my birthday begins with a five and ends with a five. Additionally, the number five is supposed to be my astrological lucky number which is meant to correspond to my Zodiacal constellation of Gemini. Furthermore, according to the dream-dictionary.org, the number ‘Five‘ is traditionally representative of study and learning. It is also regarded as an optimistic number, and the number of justice. Do you see now why this is such a great number? 😉

This year I turn 23, which, you may have noticed, is a sum of five – ‘Five-ism’ at its best. Therefore, I believe that my 23rd birthday is one of great significance and importance. As a result I planned to have a rather different and exciting event to celebrate my age. However, due to extraneous variables outside of my control, it became apparent that I would not be able to have my birthday party on the 7th June as previously planned. Instead, the date for my party was moved back a week to the 14th June. Yes Milieu Pals… the 14th, 1+4=5. Coincidence? I think not! Some strange kind of cosmically energised divine intervention with a greater purpose? A resounding "heck yeah"! This is the ‘Five Effect’ at work. Consequently I have decided to share five facts about myself that, I am sure, most people did not know, but could have guessed.

The ‘Five’:

  1. I love dipping chips into ice-cream, particularly MacDonalds chips into an Oreo and Astro’s McFlurry!
  2. I would have loved to have had a twin brother – yeah, I have a thing for two’s too! 😉
  3. I adore good television shows and can literally watch for hours on end when I have the full seasons of shows I enjoy.
  4. I have never been drunk, tipsy maybe, but never drunk.
  5. I was a month premature at birth. Apparently, I was meant to enter this world in July of 1985, but I obviously needed my space.

Freaky… I just discovered something (other than the fact that the title consists of ‘five‘ words). It has essentially been 113 days since my last post. If I divide five into 113 I end up with 22, my current age, and a remainder of six, which if rounded would be 23. Eerily, if I only posted on my birthday then that would have made 115 days. 115 divided by five equals 23 – the age I will be within 2 days! Oh my… they are reporting about ‘Chanel No. 5‘ on CNN… what are the odds?

Until the next post Milieu Pals!

– Hans

(PS: As always, I hope to post more often)

One thought on “Where has the time gone…”

  • It\’s about time that you post, although I don\’t have much room to talk!
    I can\’t believe you are 23 already!!! You are getting so old!!! 😛
    I am looking forward to celebrating this momentous event with you.

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