A soap opera life… “Restless Young Lives”

Hey Milieu Pals,

Have you ever felt like your life was playing out like an episode of a soap opera/television series? I cannot tell you how many times I have felt or thought this way. With this statement in mind, it is safe to assume that writers, particularly for television shows, must imbue certain aspects of their personal lives into the stories which they tell.

Although Hans’ Milieu is supposed to offer some insight into the mind and life of yours truly (Hans Haupt), why should it not also be a gateway into the lives of those who play a part in shaping Hans’ Milieu? Thus, without further ado, I present to you, the very first episode of the delightfully fictional: Restless Young Lives (RYL).

Restless Young Lives

Penelope "Penny" Diaz (Dee-Az) is a twenty-something necklace lover who is a humble store clerk by day, with co-workers Germ and Pain, and a religious atheist by nightfall. She insists that she knows how to drive, arguably most women do, yet has failed, on more than three occasions, to obtain a grade higher than her ‘Learners’. Never-the-less, Penny is a resilient young woman who insists that life always hands her the short end of the stick. In actuality, all the sticks are there, Penny just keeps picking the one with the shortest end.

To make up for her perpetually short ‘stick ended’ life, and to especially prove the ‘higher powers’ that all is not lost, Penny is on a mission to find Love. Unbeknownst to Penny, Love is, rather unfortunately, holidaying in the Maldives. As fate would have it Penny did not receive Love’s telegram, courtesy of the South African postal service.

Although some may now regard Penny’s search for Love as a futile endeavour, since Love is away, the universal truth remains: what one does not know, cannot figuratively hurt them. As luck would have it, Penny found two men, Rudd and Ian, both willing to help her find ‘love’. As a result Penny has resorted to ‘finding’ Love in the only way she knows how, by making it. If you think about it, it actually makes sense. Love was absent, so she made some ‘love’ to fill the void. However, since Penny has no inkling that Love is away and thoroughly enjoying a vigorously refreshing ‘Virgin Colada’ on some deserted beach, Penny is, in fact, just having sex. Just in case you were wondering, Ian is married and Rudd lives with Penny’s boss! The dilemma, you ask? Who will Penny ultimately pick to be the one, is Pain her real brother… and who the heck is Germ and what is his deal?

There is a lot more to tell Milieu Pals. I could not give away everything in the first episode, even though I would have loved to! Tune in again soon for the next episode of: Restless Young Lives, exclusive to Hans’ Milieu!

– Hans

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