Going from 'Flab to Fab'!


Hey Milieu Pals,

About six weeks a go, I made a commitment to myself, family and certain friends. Simply put, I ‘officially’ decided to become, look and feel healthier. Gone are the days of talking about becoming fit. Now my days are filled with the actions to put those planned commitments in place!

As a result, I created the Facebook group ‘Flab to Fab’ – Going from ‘Flabby’ to ‘Fabulous’ in 16 weeks! The challenge commenced on Monday the 4th August 2008 and is planned to finish on Friday 5th December 2008.

As you read this post, 11 weeks remain (including this week) in the ‘Flab to Fab’ challenge. Five weeks have past and the challenge is currently in its sixth week.



I cannot relay how much I have grown to enjoy weight lifting. When I am not in the gym working out, I think about working out in the gym. I have actually come to the point where all I want to do is work out! As a result my ‘rest’ days have become painstaking since I now consider them to be a waste of time – time I could use to improve my body. However, I know how important rest is to general health and muscle building. So fear not, I have not become a complete gym nut!

Personally, I cannot see a noticeable change in my body, not yet. However, Alfred, my personal trainer/garden keeper, assures me that changes are taking place and that even if I cannot see them, he can. Admittedly, I have become aware of my increase in strength over the last five weeks. Where once I could barely complete a single 30kg set (of 12 repetitions) on the ‘fabled’ bench press, I can now do three comfortable sets (each of 12 repetitions) of 70kg. That is a 133% increase in strength in five weeks, which is approximately a 27% increase in strength per week… oh my word… I have just realised that is pretty good (at least I think so)! I have not worked it out until now! LOL! AWESOME! As I am sure you can tell, I am rather ecstatic about this improvement and cannot wait to become even stronger!

The best part about this process is that I am not alone. Within the last several weeks I have recruited and persuaded several friends and family members to go from ‘Flab to Fab’. Granted we all have different goals, however it is the knowledge that I am not alone in this endeavour, which has helped me tremendously in terms of motivation and general focus.

At the end of the 16 week period, I will be posting my before and after photographs here, on Hans’ Milieu, and on the ‘Flab to Fab’ Facebook group. Anyone who knows me will realise that this act, in itself, is already quite a leap forward since I am very private when it comes to my upper body (this is purely because of ‘medical’ reasons).

Anyway Milieu Pals, wish me luck. I only have 10 and a half weeks to go before the ‘big reveal’! Heh heh!

– Hans

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