To blog or not to blog, that is the question?

Obviously I want to blog, otherwise Hans’ Milieu would not exist. However, I have given some thought as to the way Hans’ Milieu has changed and simply put, I am not happy with the outcome. In essence my blog has became a chore rather than an escape from reality.

I feel that the largest contributor to my displeasure with Hans’ Milieu has stemmed from the fact that I made my blog into, what I thought could be, a hub for information pertaining to my interests. Thus Hans’ Milieu became just another one of ‘those’ informative blogs/websites rather than a ‘Space’ on the web which reflects my thoughts, opinions, ideas and personality. Consequently my blog became work, non-profit time consuming work.

As of now, Hans’ Milieu will become a blog, in the true sense of the word, akin to a front row ticket into the mind of Hans Haupt.

So are you ready to join me for the journey I have always promised would come? If so, then hold tight because it begins… now!

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