Otitis Externa?

As you read this, I have an acute earache. I mean, head splitting stuff. The pain was enough to bring me out of a deep sleep, no easy feat, which is why I am up a up at 5am.

As a child of the new age, I have already Googled my predicament, in the hope of discovering some easy fix to my problem. Alas it appears that no easy fix exists for ‘Otitis Externa’ (aka Swimmers Ear) thus I will need to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, the area in which we are holidaying, may be regarded as a ‘back-water’ town – being somewhat behind metropolitan times. As a result there are no nearby 24 hour medical facilities. It appears that I may have to simply endure the excruciating pain until business day break…

Furthermore, and as Murphy and his Laws would have it, time appears to be moving at a snails pace.

P.S.: Happy Old Years Day 😀

One thought on “Otitis Externa?”

  • I do recall a time when I had my hand cut open by a falling object in that same area and not being able to find a medical practitioner to sew me up!*sigh* Those good old days… Hehe.

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