Our Reunion holiday… coming soon!

This is just a quick note to say that i will be posting an entry soon regarding my current trip to Reunion. Oh yeah, that is correct. I am not home at the moment. I am, once again, holidaying abroad.

Today we are going to Tante Monique’s house, so I will not have proper access to the internet or a computer. Hence the reason for this post.

Once I have completed the other posts, I will post then as soon as possible.

The entries will include, among other things: colour changing excrement, bitchy waitresses, clumsiness, shopping for useless stuff and sweating like a Leb in the Sahara desert (as I type this I can feel a bead of sweat slowly itch its way down my back with another caressing my left nipple).

Until the next time Milieu Pals!

(P.S.: I am using Windows 7 beta and for whatever reason, I cannot ‘justify’ the text… It is really annoying me, like wearing and then realising you are missing a button from your favourite shirt, so I apologise for the uneven layout)

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