Spray on ‘Vaginal Nano Condom’… Say what?

Okay, I have become addicted to Twitter. I believe it is a fantastic way to help aid in my constant quest for knowledge, perhaps of the useless and nonsensical variety, but not always, which, you have to admit, is usually of the best kind. As truth be told, I am a shameless social media whore… and I love it!

Through the people I follow and those who follow me, I have been introduced to a multitude of social and new media websites which I never knew existed. Furthermore, these website may have a direct correlation to my future studies within the field of communication. Thus, I am thankful that a service like Twitter exists, even if only to bring a smile to my face, courtesy of, for example, Darth Vader.

Over the course of the last few days I have come across a lot of great information. Information I care to share with others and which I do through both Twitter and Facebook. However, I would also like to share the same kind of information with you, the Milieu Pal. My dilemma, however, is how to do this without my blog turning into just another one of those which regurgitates information from the web. Then again… should that not be alright? After all I would be writing about that which has caught my interest. I have thought about doing a weekly post entitled “A week in Links” but that may prove ineffective for the media savvy among you, as well as potentially tedious for yours truly *fondly reminisces back to the days of Music Monday (I reckon I will be bringing this back), Tabloid Tuesday and Freakology Friday (Almost brought this back for this post, since today is Friday and the topic rather relevant)*! I am currently undecided as to what to do. When I eventually figure it out, you will be the first to know. Now on to the reason for this post!

BioCROSS Medical - Vaginal Foam Condom Just imagine this. You are with your girlfriend, everything is going as planned. You have let her dine on chocolate, strawberries, whatever gets her on, and have enjoyed a half a bottle of Champaign, all the while being serenaded by Barry Manilow’s seductive voice. You know the time is right, so you whisper softly into her ear “I’m going to fill you up, like never before, with my Silver Nano-Particle foam”. Say what?!

BlueCROSS Bio Medical is a Chinese corporation who have developed a ‘nano particle foam condom’. All you have to do is squirt the stuff into your nearest vagina, until full and foaming at the lips, and presto… you are good to go! Apparently once the foam has been squirted into the vagina “it forms a physical membrane preventing conception and protecting against infection” (H-Plus, 2009). Furthermore, the spray is said to use a “polyvinyl alcohol resin as its base material, infused with nano-silver, providing both a spermicide and antiseptic lubricant that helps prevents sexually transmitted diseases” (H-Plus, 2009).

So what do you think? Are you ready for the next step in the evolution of contraceptives? Only time will tell if this method of contraception is effective. Hopefully it is otherwise, as you read this, I would imagine that several thousand unplanned Chinese pregnancies are underway.

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Until the next time Milieu Pals!

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