Wordy Wednesday: ‘Vocab101'

Through Twitter, I have begun to tweet a topic that I have tentatively labelled as ‘Vocab101’.

Vocab101 is my daily attempt to find a new and interesting word which could potentially be used in everyday circumstances. The words I find range from the obscene, to the unbelievably true and, of course, the colloquial. I have been enjoying the experience so much, that I have decided to dedicate a weekly blog post to this new endeavour. Thus, Hans’ Milieu now has a ‘Wordy Wednesday’.

Each Hans’ Milieu edition of Vocab101 will take place on Wordy Wednesdays and will contain all the words I have tweeted over the course of one week from the previous Vocab101 session (7 days, 7 new words). Furthermore, each Hans’ Milieu edition of Vocab101 will contain additional new words which did not make the original cut, but are just as tantalising/disturbing!

So, without further ado, I present to you the first batch of Wordy Wednesday Vocab101-isms.


Flavourgasm – When one lets out an involuntary moan of pleasure from eating great tasting food, usually on the first bite.

Zoosexual – A term used to describe a sexual orientation towards non-human animals. Similar to the term ‘bestiality’. This word is actually an accepted scientific term.

Jorts – A combination of the words “jeans” and “shorts” to describe half length jeans.

Nictitate – The word used to describe a ‘wink’ or ‘blink’. Derived from the Latin word “nictare” which means “Winking”. I discovered this word a few years ago during a game of Balderdash.

MIRF – The acronym for “Mom I’d Run From”. The opposite of a MILF: “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”.

Carbunkle – Two or more in grown hairs, in such close proximity, that they cause a large, single, swollen & painful lump.

Cronoptimist – Person who always underestimates the time needed to do something/get somewhere.

Vocab101-isms which missed the cut:

Feltching – The act of sucking expelled semen from any human orifice, such as a vagina or anus, and, but not always, sharing the fluids with a partner through a kiss.

Analrapist – Somebody who combines the professions of being an analyst and a therapist, thus becoming an analrapist.

I do hope that you enjoyed the first edition of Vocab101 and that you will return for some more Vocab101-isms in the near future.

Until the next time “Milieunairs”!