Hans’ Milieu has new ‘digs’

Hey Millieunairs, Welcome to the new home of Hans’ Milieu! For the nascent among you, my name is Hans Haupt. I am a compassionate, friendly, ambitious, witty and warm person who is more than able to hold an astute academically driven conversation, while retaining a self-confessed gutter bound mind. I am also a social media
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Wordy Wednesday: ‘Vocab101’

For those who do not know, Vocab101 is my daily attempt to find a new and interesting word which could potentially be used in everyday circumstances. The words I find range from the obscene, to the unbelievably true and, of course, the colloquial. Thus, Hans’ Milieu now has a ‘Wordy Wednesday’.

Each Hans’ Milieu edition of Vocab101 will take place on Wordy Wednesdays and will contain all the words I have tweeted over the course of one week from the previous Vocab101 session (7 days, 7 new words). Furthermore, each Hans’ Milieu edition of Vocab101 will contain additional new words which did not make the original cut, but are just as tantalising/disturbing!


Carcolepsy – The inability to stay awake & alert during any form of transport. Particularly common with car passengers who fall asleep as the car starts moving, thus providing no company, help or support to the driver. For example: “Joe slept the whole way here, I think he suffers from carcolepsy”!

Remasculate – The process of growing one’s balls back, after they have been shrunken by an especially effeminate activity. For Example: After having enjoyed watching Twilight, but refusing to admit it, you rush off to watch something akin to Die Hard, thus remasculating yourself.

Wenis – The skin which covers the tip of ones elbow.

Xobile – Transmitting, receiving or searching for ‘Adult Content’ on a wireless device, such as a mobile phone.

Liptease – The act of putting on lipstick suggestively. Essentially the oral equivalent of a striptease.

Facebrag – Shamelessly using Facebook, status updates and photographs, as a platform to brag.

Mantasy – A mantasy is a fantasy that only a man would have. For example: “The movie ‘The Hangover’ was farken A! I’d love to do that with you guys”!

Vocab101-isms which missed the cut:

Wagina – Used to describe the folds of skin in the crease of the inner elbow when bending ones arm. The opposite of the wenis.

Fweep – Originates from the words ‘fag’ and ‘sweep’. A fweep is the word used to describe a popular hairstyle seen among ‘scene’ kids. It usually appears as ‘man bangs’ and sweeps across the face, in a glorious and majestic manner. Examples of fweepers: Zac Efron and Chace Crawford, among others.

I do hope that you enjoyed the first edition of Vocab101 and that you will return for some more Vocab101-isms in the near future.

Until the next time “Milieunairs”!