‘Knowing’ that being ‘Walled In’ is not as cool as a ‘Push’ toward a third ‘Ice Age’!

Last week I watched ‘Knowing’, ‘Walled In’, ‘Push’ and ‘Ice Age 3’. The following post offers insights into my thoughts about each film as well as box office information (when available) and some ‘juicy’ local movie news.


Knowing is Nicolas Cage’s latest foray into the action genre. One that is surprisingly good.

KnowingUnlike a majority of action oriented movies *cough, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, cough* Knowing has quite a captivating and intriguing story. The story is about an MIT lecturer who comes into possession of a numbered script, from a  time capsule that has been dug up at his son’s elementary school. The numbered script offers some chilling predictions (some that have already occurred and others that are about to) that lead him to believe that his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold

Initially, the movie plays out like a thriller. Offering several genuinely chilling and remarkably thought provoking cinematic moments. Aspects  that rarely present themselves in action oriented films. Furthermore, although not immediately determinable, Knowing leans heavily into the realm of compelling science fiction, with just a tinge of religion thrown into the mix.

If you would enjoy watching an action movie that dips into the wells of science fiction, enough to offer an eerily plausible doomsday scenario, while offering a few genuinely  creepy goose flesh inducing moments, then Knowing is worth watching.

Knowing ranked at number three on the South African box office during its opening weekend.

Verdict: 08/10.

Walled In

The movie is essentially about a demolition company representative, who is sent to supervise the ‘taking down’ of a mysterious building, a building which harbours a horrifying secret: past inhabitants were entombed within its walls by a vicious murderer.

Walled In: 04/10Two words: Razzie winner! If there is one movie to avoid this season, this may very well be it.

When I noticed that Mischa Barton was playing in Walled In, I figured that, you know, this may not be that bad, what with her starring in The OC and all (a television show I have never watched, but one that I have heard all about). However, after watching Walled In, I am thankful to have never invested the time in watching The OC.

Hands down, this movie has some of the worst acting and dialogue I have ever come across in a film. This movie is a prime example of poor penmanship, with dialogue so flat that it is no surprise the actors came off so talentless. To be fair, Mischa Barton is not the worst aspect of this movie, Cameron Bright is.

From under which rock did they excavate this kid from? I have seen more ironing boards with talent than Cameron Bright. Actually, burning myself with an iron ironing would be a more enjoyable task than watching this talentless hack on screen. I would rather watch Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son) destroy a scene than this guy. At least Jaden can cry on cue.

It is a pity that the dialogue and acting are so sub par, because the stylistically spooky visuals are this movies only saving grace. Unfortunately, the visuals are simply not enough to warrant anyone watching this movie, unlike Johnny Depp’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Just do yourself a favour and avoid watching this movie. If you really have to see it, rent it!

Verdict: 04/10.



Push: 07/10Push is a bit of a mixed bag. It is about two young Americans, each with special abilities, who must race to find a girl in Hong Kong before a shadowy government organization known as Division does.

At a first glance, you may be fooled into believing that Push is just a regular action movie. Granted, at the movie’s core, it is, but, you would not be reprimanded if you considered the movie as a drama, or perhaps even a cinema nouveau art film. Yes, Push is just that. In my opinion, Push is an unorthodox mix of a variety of genres which would explain its poor performance at the box office and mixed reviews.

Given the script, the actors do the best they can. Even Dakota Fanning, with a literal ‘stiff lip’, from her failed attempt to hide the fact that she has braces, still manages to show her prowess as an actress. Although the dialogue may be lacking at times, this hindrance is forgiven thanks to the strong and captivating science fiction and fantasy driven story. The story, coupled with the art style and visual effects, are enough to draw viewers into the world of  Push. However, like other action movies but unlike nouveau films, Push has a rich story, that viewers are only given a taste of, while never completely being explained properly. Odd given the artsy camera work and visual style.

To conclude, I enjoyed Push and would describe the film as a mix of something between X-Men and partial bits of Pan’s Labyrinth.

Verdict: 07/10

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaur (3D)

Ice Age 3: 07/10Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs was a good movie. It was slightly better, courtesy of Scratay, than the first two iterations of the Ice Age franchise, and, thankfully, no worse.

Consequently, if you enjoyed Ice Age or Ice Age 2: Arctic Meltdown, or any animated movie for that matter, you will enjoy Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

However, if you do watch this movie, do yourself a favour and watch it in a 3D capable cinema. Watching a movie in 3D makes a world of difference, especially for the kids!

Interestingly, Ice Age 3 (none 3D) pushed Transformers 2 out of the top spot for the South African box office, reigning in at number one. The 3D version of Ice Age 3 ranked at a respectable number four, considering the 3D version
has a limited release.

Verdict: 07/10.


In other movie news, The Red Carpet will be screening Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the sixth movie in the saga) next week Wednesday, 15th July 2009, at the Il Grande in Monte Casino. I am looking forward to the movie and I just hope that the story is preserved, not like the game tie-in that I bought yesterday, which has totally raped the story *sigh*.

I also recently found out that one of our own schlebs South African celebrities *rolls eyes*, television personality Colin Moss, will be appearing in a locally produced horror movie called Surviving Evil. Other cast members include notable actors such as Billy Zane and… well… he really is the only actor worth mentioning.



Apparently Surviving Evil is only releasing at select Sterkinekor cinemas… I wonder why! Needless to say, I am not expecting much from this film…


Until the next time “Milieunairs”!


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