Music Monday: ‘Broken Open’

Hey Milieunairs,

It is Music Monday and thus time for another Vivaciously Varietal Vibe! Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

Rationale: I have, on many an occasion, written about songs which I have labelled as ‘hauntingly beautiful’. As it so happens, ‘Broken Open’ by Adam Lambert, is another song which fits into this category.

At first listen, one could be forgiven for thinking that ‘Broken Open’ is simply a mock rendition of ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules; another of my favourite songs. Both songs share an eerily similar melodic pattern, one which is a pleasure to listen to. On a purely basic auditory level, Lambert’s ‘Broken Open’ is quite different to ‘Mad World’, offering more of an upbeat pop synth loop with spacey techno buzzes and pings added for good measure. Even so, the song has a beautiful sound made even better with Lambert’s sultry voice. Surprisingly, Adam co-wrote ‘Broken Open’ as well.

I must say, Adam Lambert has created a stellar debut album. He has managed to cater for almost every genre, proving his versatility as an artist. Even more impressive, is the amount of talent that was wired behind the scenes into helping him create his first album, from the likes of MUSE, Pink, Lady Gaga, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) and Sam Sparro, among others; all adding their own personal touches to each of Lambert’s songs. ‘For Your Entertainment’ is a brilliant pop album and is definitely worth listening to.

As always, whenever I post about Vivaciously Varietal Vibes on Music Monday’s, simply click on the name of the song to be taken to a web page that displays the songs lyrics.

Adama Lambert – Broken Open

Truth be told, this post was initially inspired by the song “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon, with a particular emphasis on the line ‘I Bet You Think This Song Is About You’. Why, you ask? Well, I have been told that someone, out of a group of people who are no longer a part of my life, continues to harbour some sort of unfounded resentment toward me and my family. To the extent that this person has resorted to ‘cyber stalking’ me and then, apparently, posting libelous thoughts about me on social networks, all because this person thinks that my ‘updates’ refer to them. Although this may, in certain circumstances, have been probable before; it is most definitely no longer the case. Hence the change of song for this post.

Look, I have moved on. The last time I paid any attention to any of these people was toward the end of last year (excluding this post, of course). It was painful enough having to let go, to be ‘Broken Open’. Consequently, before leaving for Australia last year, I decided that I was not going to torture myself by looking into their lives when they clearly indicated that they could not be interested in having us in their lives anymore. The only reason I bring it up now is because I am being told about what is being ‘said/written’ by others. I have actually told these ‘sources’ that I’m not interested and to keep the information to themselves; I do not want negativity in my life.

It is 2010. A new year and the beginning of my new life, in many ways. To be honest, I actually wish them all well. I truly and honestly mean that. They were an important part of my life and I have many memories and life moments that I will always treasure and think back upon; with loving nostalgia. Although I have personally forgiven them for what they have done, I will never forget how they made me feel nor what they have proven to be capable of. They are now a merely a part of my past, nothing more.

To the future, “Milieunairs”!


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