Wordy Wednesday: ‘Vocab101’

Vocab101 Emblem For those who do not know, Vocab101 is my daily attempt to find a new and interesting word which could potentially be used in everyday circumstances. The words I find range from the obscene, to the unbelievably true (which are hyperlinked in blue) and, of course, the colloquial. Thus, Hans’ Milieu now has a ‘Wordy Wednesday’.

Each Hans’ Milieu edition of Vocab101 will take place on Wordy Wednesdays and will usually contain words which I have tweeted over the course of one week from the previous Vocab101 session (7 days, 7 new words). Furthermore, each Hans’ Milieu edition of Vocab101 will contain additional new words which did not make the original cut, but are just as tantalising/disturbing!



  • Depone To testify under oath.

  • Cellfish – An individual who talks on his/her mobile phone, regardless of circumstance, thus being rude, inconsiderate or ‘selfish’.

  • Meh – Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care.

  • Limerance An attempt at a scientific study into the nature of romantic love.

  • Dingleberry – A particle of fecal matter attached to the anal hair of an animal or person.

  • Nudiustertian – Simply, the day before yesterday.

  • Craptacular – Descriptive word used to describe anything of exceptionally poor quality.

Vocab101-isms which missed the cut:

  • Liptonite – A person with a sophisticated palate for black tea and who has all of the accoutrements for serving tea, yet only serves generic tea to guests.

  • Techlaze – The lethargy which presents itself by having to much technology at ones disposal.

I do hope that you enjoyed this edition of Vocab101 and that you will return for some more Vocab101-isms in the near future!

Until the next time “Milieunairs”!


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