Music Monday: ‘The Island, Part 1: Dawn’

Hey Milieunairs,

It is Music Monday and thus time for another Vivaciously Varietal Vibe!

Pendulum - ImmersionThis week:

Flavour: Electronica/Alternative Rock

Artist: Pendulum

Album: Immersion

Song: The Island, Part 1: Dawn

Rationale: Pendulum is one of those bands who you have heard on the radio, on multiple occasions, whose music you have probably thought is great but a band whose name you have never really got around to learning.

One of the reasons for this may be because Pendulum shares a very similar sound to South Africa’s very own Zebra & Giraffe (yes the band, not the animals we have running about). Although most of Pendulum’s songs on Immersion have less of an alternative rock element to them when compared to Zebra & Giraffe, there are times when the two bands sounds uncannily alike.

The album, Immersion, is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of aural stimulation. There are songs that will give even the most conservative of people an eargasm such as the hauntingly beautiful Watercolour and Witchcraft, while others like the death metal influenced Self vs Self will leave your ears yearning for an impotence inducing muffler. Of course, this all depends on your personal taste in music. Even so, the stark contrast in tracks on this album make one wonder if Pendulum really know who they are or want to be. Personally I think that Pendulum should stick to the electronic alternative rock sound that 70% of the album Immersion is comprised of.

According to good old Wikipedia, the band originates from Perth in the ‘land down under’ and was founded in 2002 by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul harding. Immersion is Pendulum’s third studio album release. Click here to read more about Pendulum.

Ultimately, I think that Pendulum’s latest album Immersion is good but not great. Obviously I make no delusions to the fact that I am an avid fan of the style of music I have dubbed as hauntingly beautiful. Thus, for me, this album was worth the purchase.

Check out the  video below of The Island, Part 1: Dawn the latest single from Pendulum and be sure to let me know what you think!

Pendulum – ‘The Island, Part 1: Dawn’


Any ideas where they got the idea from for this music video? Hint: the music video is clearly inspired by this pre-Transformers’ “I did it five years ago” directors action movie. The answer is in the song’s title. If you have no clue, click here or watch the trailer here.

As always, whenever I post about Vivaciously Varietal Vibes on Music Monday’s, simply click on the name of the song to be taken to a web page that displays the songs lyrics.

Until the next time, “Milieunairs”

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