Damn you, Autocorrect!

Damn Autocorrect

Anyone with a modern mobile device knows how much of a bane and a blessing the autocorrect feature can be when typing out text messages, emails, notes and so on.

Often the autocorrect feature will change perfect text, without rhyme or reason, and before you realise the error, you have already hit send.

These ‘corrections’ almost always result in a bevy of hilarious, if not mortifying, messages to friends, loved ones, strangers or colleagues.

Consequently, the Internet is a buzz with this latest meme.

In the vain of FailBook, a website which posts pictures of incredulous and hilarious Facebook status updates, Internet savvy users can now enjoy the latest meme to hit “the interwebz”, the trials and tribulations of ‘autocorrect’.

Autocorrect - Comic

Courtesy of DamnYouAutocorrect.com, we are now able to catch a rare glimpse into how technology continues to influence the fabric of modern day communication. Usually with humour filled repercussions. Below are a few examples of some of the better postings available on DamnYouAutocorrect.com.

Autocorrect - Bad VisualAutocorrect - Best week everAutocorrect - Coking UpAutocorrect - GwenithAutocorrect - LlamaAutocorrect - Time Travellers

As much as I hope this post has brought a smile to your face, just remember that from now on, no autocorrect “fail” is safe. Thus, my advice to you is to treat messaging like you would crossing the road: always check twice before going forward.

Until the next time “Milieunairs”!

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