UMFANA: the story of a boy

Umfana - The Story of a Boy (Poster)I have always had a passion for the creative arts. Yet, I have never taken any of my interests further than merely calling them hobbies. In that respect, I have subdued these pastimes to menial expressions of creativity for when boredom strikes. Which leads me to the point of this post.

In December I was fortunate enough to be blessed with an Apple MacBook Air. My very first Apple computer. All who know of Apple are aware that this is the brand synonymous with photo, video and sound production. Today, I decided to put the aforementioned stereotype to the test.

I am no stranger to video production. From a very early age, I have had the fortune of being both in front of and behind the lens of my fathers camera equipment. This allowed me, on numerous occasions, to dabble in the fine art of filmmaking. Of course I am by no means a Spielberg, Kubrick or Cameron, far from it in fact, and I am very much still an amateur. Never the less I do enjoy the process. I find it a lot of fun. So I took my new camera, a Canon EOS 7D which I still have to learn to use, I headed out into the garden and I began to film whatever caught my interest.

The result? A trailer for the purely fictional and wistfully thought out independent art house film called UMFANA: the story of a boy.

The two stars of this *cough* award winning *cough* film are the handsome little tyke Sibusiso Mahlangu and the beautifully shaggylicious Chocolate Faith. Sibusiso is a real little trooper and was pretty excited to be a part of the “movie”. Both his mom and his grand mother work for us which is how I had access to this little rising star. Chocolate Faith is our Bouvier. She loves having her tummy rubbed and drinking out of the pool.

Sibu Mahlangu as 'Umfana'Chocolate Faith as herself

Once I had completed the trailer, a feat I feel guilty about taking credit for since iMovie ‘11 pretty much puts the whole thing together – a click here and a click there and presto, you have a movie trailer, I hosted a mini ‘screening’ on our home theatre. I gathered up everyone on the property and reserved a special seat for our new star. Everyone enjoyed it, especially my mom… who cried. But that was to be expected because my mom always gets emotional for things.

That pretty much sums up my afternoon. Instead of doing my Masters research, I ended up making a trailer for a non-existent movie. I could be the poster child for procrastination. Regardless, I feel good about it. It was almost as if I needed it. I also inadvertently proved that Apple is still the ‘shiz niz’ when it comes to video editing and I would very much like to, one day, hone my fledgling filmmaking skills on a Mac with Final Cut Pro.

“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed”
~ Stanley Kubrick

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