In this Place

Every now and again I like to dabble in the fine art of writing poetry.Tweet - I am at my most creative...

I am by no means an E. E. Cummings, Maya Angelou or William Shakespeare, but I do enjoy the word play and literary expression of emotion.

As alluded to in the above Tweet, my latest poem was inspired by the music of Ulrich Schnauss, which I find to be beautifully dream worthy. With that said, the poem is not about anyone in particular.

If you are interested, my latest poem is featured right after the jump.

In This Place

In this Place

I am in a strangely isolated Place,
on this clear Day,
away from your beautiful Embrace.

I miss what you have to Say,
and the clarity of your insatiable Grace.

Emotions have etched permanent pieces of you on my forlorn Face,
lines which my fingers will always be able to Trace.

You are never forgotten, in my world, in my Space.
For you live on this Way, in my heart, in this Place.

~ Hans Haupt


It has been quite a while since I have added anything to the Milieu Exclusive ‘Literature in Verse’ category, even though I often spurt out a rhyme or two via my Twitter feed. I do hope to write more and when I do, Hans’ Milieu will be the place to find it.

Until the next time Milieunairs.

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