Helen of Troy

Roman HelmetThis poem was inspired by the music of Telefon Tel Aviv who actually have a song named ‘Helen of Troy’ on the album called Immolate Yourself.

Two poems in one week? Who would have thought!

If you are interested, my latest poem is featured right after the jump.

Diane Kruger as Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy

Oh Helen of Troy, you are quite the Viceroy.

You are so Coy, your beauty nothing but a Decoy.

I am aware of your Ploy, to deflower the innocent Choirboy,

This has served to Annoy, all of those in your loving Employ,

Thus nothing can save this scorned Killjoy, not even a reduced Octroy,

From alerting the Kings Convoy, approaching from beloved Hanoi.

~ Hans Haupt

The beautiful blonde in the image above is none other than Diane Kruger, the stunning German born actress who played Helen in the Hollywood blockbuster film Troy. With that said, if this is what the Helen in my poem looks like I would not, in the least, mind being the Choirboy.

Until the next time Milieunairs!

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