Fingertip to Keyboard

I have given some thought as to why I do not blog as much as I used to. The most simple and least complex answer would be that I just do not have the time.

This stems from the fact that I am continuously working on my Masters thesis, which requires me to write and think, sometimes even simultaneously, for hours and hours at a time.

As such, the amount of time needed to create posts that are, in my opinion, worthy of being published, take too many productive hours from my day. It is a poignant but valid fact.

Of course, it does not help that, alongside my masters, I am simultaneously attempting to create, run and maintain several of my own websites and a bevy of social media profiles, all the while attempting to sustain some semblance of a social life. Granted I am still in a very fortunate position, being a full time student and all, but just because I do not have a “formal” job does not mean that I am not busy.

In many ways, writing a research based masters thesis is very much like a full time job. The only downside is that it is the kind of job that is not complete until it is finished. What this means is that I have not had a proper relaxing holiday or weekend in the last 18 months. No matter what I do, I know that I have work waiting for me. In fact, I actually feel guilty when I do go out or if I use my time for other endeavors that are not related to finishing my masters. Truthfully, it is actually quite an intense psychological strain. However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and I am currently on a downward slope towards that exit.

At the moment I am currently finishing off my thesis. All I need to do now is write a conclusion and rewrite the last section of chapter four. Once that has been completed, I will have a full draft of my entire thesis. Then the real editing and proof reading will begin. Should all go well, I will be able to submit towards the end of September. A moment I cannot help but feel both excited and anxious about.

Until the next time Milieunairs!

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