#iPhoneographySA Exhibition

South Africa’s very first iPhoneography exhibition is taking place on Thursday 1st September 2011.

For those who do not know, iPhoneography is the process of taking and editing photographs with only the use of an Apple iPhone.

A few weeks ago, I submitted some of my photographs for the exhibition.

I got in.

When I submitted my photographs I did so under the guise of “why not”. The idea is new and the concept is great. So I took a chance and my photographs were accepted.

Believe me, I was truly taken aback when the email arrived in my inbox telling me that my photographs had been selected for the iPhoneography exhibition. Needless to say, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to display my photographs as ‘works of art’ – a term I did not think I would be able to attribute to any of my photographs that were taken with only a mobile phone.

I have been fortunate enough to have 17 pieces accepted for the exhibition. 16 canvasses and a single ‘unique’ creation.

Previews of my photographs that will be on display can be seen in the gallery below. The photograph with the ‘story’ is a teaser for my unique piece titled “Life: A Journey Through Time” (it is the clock).

The exhibition will be held at the iStore on Sandton Drive on ‘spring day’ (Thursday 1st September 2011). Everyone should come on down and be a part of this novel and potentially groundbreaking exhibition. I know that there will be many photographs that will absolutely blow your mind from other extremely talented South African iPhoneographers. The best part? If you like what you see, you can purchase the artworks on display.

For those who will be driving, please note that there will be road closures in and around Sandton City for the Springbok send-off. Be sure to plan ahead accordingly.

For those who, like myself, will be using the Gautrain, please note that once you arrive at the Sandton Station, you will need to catch a Gautrain bus running on the S4 route. There is a Gautrain bus stop directly in front of the driveway to the Sandton Drive iStore. For more information about Gautrain bus times, please call 010 223 1098.

For my fellow Twitter folk who attend, please be aware that the official hashtag is: #iPhoneographySA. If Facebook is ‘your thang’, you can RSVP to the event here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Until the next time Milieunairs!

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