Who is your Daddy? Arnold Schwarzenegger, That’s Who

Everyone knows of the infamous phrase: “I’ll be back”. It is one that is inextricably linked to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his portrayal of a cyborg assassin in the 1984 movie The Terminator. 

The thing about Arnold is that his acting skills have never really been very good.

As a result, he is only predominantly well known for the following:

  1. Being The Terminator.
  2. Having had an incredible Hulk like body.
  3. Ruling as the Governator of California.
  4. Schtuping his maid and siring an illegitimate love child.
  5. Having an uncanny ability to blurt out incredibly memorable ‘one-liners’ in movies.

Today’s post is about point number 5.

Courtesy of the beauty of creative freedom someone has taken some of the best of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  infamous one-liner’s and transformed them into a catchy rap song aptly titled as ‘Who is your Daddy?’. Enjoy.

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