All of Hans’ Milieu’s Images Are “Gone”

A few weeks ago I discovered something quite concerning. All of the images on my personal blog were no longer functioning. Every image automatically defaulted to the “Error 404 Page Not Found” argument.

I contacted my hosting provider for answers. Alas, none could be discerned. However, an even more startling revelation was uncovered.

The issue with the images is not new. According to the support technician, it has been present for well over a month as the original photographs were not even found in the hosting providers backups of the site.

Essentially this ‘image issue’ puts a spotlight on the unfortunate realisation that I do not update my personal blog (I am too focussed on Vamers and Vamers Store). If I did do so on a regular basis, I would have been well aware of the issue as it happened.

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