“Pikachu… use FLASH”!

(As seen on Kotaku, via MaximumPC) “Wild Pikachu appeared! Go Metapod! Metapod used Harden! Enemy Pikachu used Flash! Metapod used String Shot!” (Comment by Kotaku User: DJC89, 29 July 2009) As a self-confessed Pokémon fan, I could not resist sharing the above photograph with all of you. I may not be into costume role-playing (cosplay)
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Wishroom keeps your moobs in check!

Moob (n): The word given to describe large fatty male pectorals, which resemble female breasts. Thus: Man + Boob = Moob. Do you have moobs? Are your moobs saggy? Do you feel like your moobs are keeping you down? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are in luck! The
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