Deon and Renche Haupt – May you both rest in peace.

A dear cousin of mine and his wife, Deon and Renche Haupt, passed away on the afternoon of Sunday 1st February 2009. The worst part about their passing is the fact that they have left behind three beautiful children: Felicia (15), Diona (12) and Renaldo (8). Furthermore, this loss has come so soon after the loss of my good friend, Mark Anthony Da Mata.

For a time after learning about their passing, I felt numb. I was unsure of how to process this kind of loss when I had only just begun to accept the loss of a friend. All the wounds I had so carefully tried to sew and mend were viciously ripped reopen. As a result, I was unable to exhibit any kind of emotional grief… until the day of the funeral when the funeral service began. The pent up grief, held back by sheer disbelief, finally and savagely clawed its way out of my already tender and torn heart, exploding in a torrent of uncontrollable sobs and savoury tears. All I wanted to do, at the time, was to bolt out of the church and revel in the despair which consumed me completely. However, I held steadfast and, like a faucet, controlled the flow of emotion which yearned to be set free.

My sincerest condolences, love and support go out to all the parents, brothers and sisters of both Deon and Renche respectively, but most importantly to their three children.

We are all in the process of recovery, myself included. Life is meant to be lived and celebrated. An ethos I have taken to heart! Above all else, we must never forget that time and faith are the greatest cobblers of pain and suffering as they allow us to walk away from grief into the arms of hope.

Mark Anthony Da Mata: 8th May 1985 – 18th January 2009

A dear friend of mine, Mark Anthony Da Mata, passed away in the early hours of Sunday 18th January 2009. The irrevocable loss I feel is indescribable. This is the first time I have lost a friend in death. Mark was a very close friend of mine whom I had known for over five years
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